Since first gracing the stages of NYC in 1982, Swans has spent the last three decades cultivating a distinct sound in the experimental rock scene that has attracted both critical acclaim and a devoted following. The group’s founder and lead singer, Michael Gira, created the band with only the intent to create a sound that could “make something happen”. These ideals and the group’s perseverance resulted in unique guitar melodies and bold lyrics that attributed to the first 15 years of Swans’ musical success.

By 1997, Swans had over a decade of performances and successful singles under their belt, but Gira dissolved the band to pursue other interests under his record label, Young God Records. Gira used his newfound label to successfully produce the work of smaller artists and work on his own solo project, Angels of Light. After 13 years of silence from Swans, Gira revived the band with new ideals and several new members. “Making something happen” became a thing of the past, and Swans aspired to push their music in a new direction. Instead of recreating a replica of the band from the 80’s, Swans added a more mature flavor to their new albums. On their 2010 album, My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To the Sky, Swans utilized their decades of experience and original sound to create another critically acclaimed album.

Swan’s newest album, To Be Kind, is the band’s third album since their revival and has yet to disappoint. When considering the howling guitar of “A Little God In My Hands” and the brash lyrics of “Oxygen”, To Be Kind is an album that showcases a fusion of the band’s experience and original ideals. The new album’s existence can be credited to their heavily devoted fan base, which funded the production of To Be Kind through fundraising efforts. To Be Kind has been on sale since May 2014.

”I needed a way to move FORWARD, in a new direction, and it just so happens that revivifying the idea of Swans is allowing me to do that. “— Michael Gira


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