Lapalux HEADSHOT 3

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Lapalux, the UK representative of IDM and hip-hop influenced beat collages, is the solo project of producer Essex’s Stuart Howard. Howard started his career as DJ Lapalux, short for “Lap of Luxury”, releasing short lo-fi electronic cassette tapes, with 2008’s Forest followed by Many Faces Out of Focus in 2011. Since then he has exploded as an artist, later catching the ear of Flying Lotus and Brainfeeder records. Lapalux has since been signed to his label for two EPs in 2012, Some Other Time and When You’re Gone. The release of his full length Nostalchic followed in 2013. The layers of his experimental beatmaking envelop a heavy steady stream of heartbeats that rise and fall in symmetry to the excitement of the tracks, reflected by the marriage of vocal samples; all unfolded like individual short stories.