Scorched welcomes Untold!

Liam_Ricketts_Untold_Low_Res_5535We are thrilled to welcome Untold to the Scorched family. He will be bringing his live show to Asia later this year, get to know!

“The fact is, Jack Dunning has been responsible for jaw-dropping musical moment after jaw-dropping musical moment in barely over five years”

Fact Magazine

Scorched welcomes Iceage

Check out this flawless review of the band from The Guardian:

Hometown: Copenhagen.

The lineup: Elias Rønnenfelt, Jakob Tvilling Pless, Johan Surrballe Wieth and Dan Kjaer Nielsen.

The background: Iceage’s New Brigade album has been described as the “feelterrible” hit of the summer. That’s a good one. We didn’t hear it being played over the weekend in north London, but you can imagine this Danish quartet being thrilled at the prospect of their music being used to soundtrack a riot. New Brigade is, as one YouTube commenter put it, “music for watching buildings burn”, made by four teenage punks “full of anger and anxiety”.

Actually, some have called them “teenage punks”, while others have gone with “teenage bullies”. It’s an important distinction: punk, officially 35 years old next month, was fuelled by righteous anger, its aim to stand up for the downtrodden. There was nothing bullying about it: it picked on the powerful. If these Danish kids – who formed at school when they were about 10 – have their sights set on the weak and dispossessed, they’ve massively missed the point. Apparently, their live shows are carnage – not literally, no animals or humans are slain in the process – and their bloodied audience members are referred to as “victims”, some of whom wind up on their blog. But it remains to be seen what their politics are. It remains to be heard, too: Elias Rønnenfelt’s lyrics, sung in English rather than Danish, are largely unintelligible through the din.

Close your eyes and you could be listening to autumn-76 punk, with a little early-80s hardcore thrown into the melee. There is looped footage of a man French-kissing a sheep on their MySpace under the heading “Sounds Like”. They don’t sound much like ovine snogging, to be honest; more like punk also-rans Chelsea or the Cortinas. When they’re better, on a track such as Remember, they sound like a bad Warsaw. At their best – on, say, White Rune – they approach the taut sonics and sardonic minimalism of Wire.

Their album, recorded in four days, is, pointedly, 12 tracks long and comes in at an even more pertinent 25 minutes. The band clearly want it to be part of that classic short-sharp-shock lineage that includes those historic debuts by the Clash and Ramones. Even brainy organs such as the New York Times and the New Yorker have been asking whether they’re the saviours of punk, without acknowledging the oddness of that question, this late in the day. New Brigade is a restatement, not a revolution. Every track lasts two minutes or less, except for one, as though there were an excess of excess out there, and Iceage were taking a stand. We weren’t aware there was. Remember is totally Wire. Rotting Heights suggests the band are capable of more than crash-bang-wallop; on Eyes they even approximate the frenetic jazz-punk of Richard Hell and the Voidoids.

They’re certainly one of the better new rock bands that have been highly touted since we’ve been doing this column, but we’d be lying if we said they take the music anywhere new. Never Return, the “long” track at three minutes, does a lot of stopping and starting, but we can’t quite hear Iceage moving on from here to record their Chairs Missing or 154. After a while, the trebly, brittle sound really palls. One reviewerdescribed them as post-punk, but they’re not, they’re punk through and through: the excellent, angular Broken Bone aside, they’re not skillfully rhythmical, dub-conscious or funk-savvy. They do a bit of herking and jerking, but that’s about it. Still, if they can’t keep time, they’ve got good timing.

The buzz: “One of the best punk rock records released in years” –

The truth: Interesting that they should take their name and cue fromWarsaw. Now all they need is their Martin Hannett and a complete rethink before they make their next move.

Most likely to: Encourage sheep-like behaviour at gigs.

Least likely to: Snog a sheep.

What to buy: New Brigade is released by Abeano on 5 September.

File next to: Fucked Up, No Age, Wire, Chelsea.


Tuesday’s new band: Caged Animals.


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Scorched welcomes Lapalux

We are delighted to welcome Lapalux to the Scorched network. Check out his most debut album, ‘Nostalchic’, here. The album is his most focused document to date, adding his classic R&B and soul characteristics into elements of house and hip hop, all with the trademark Lapalux finish; infectious, lopsided swing and achingly deep texture (

Scorched welcomes Bonnie “Prince” Billy

After his stints performing as Palace, Palace Songs, Palace Brothers, and under his own name throughout the ’90s, by the end of the decade Will Oldham has seemed to finally settle on the Bonnie “Prince” Billy moniker as the main outlet for his work; we are happy to welcome Bonnie “Prince” Billy to our family. Check out more detail on him here


Ikonika’s Asia Tour Debut

Ikonika PicIts time to get excited about Ikonika’s first Asian debut. Kick starting her first appearance in the Phillipines, Ikonika will also be performing in Hong Kong ultimately leading up to her performance at the Wood+Wires Festival in Shanghai.

Ikonika, an outstanding producer of her generation, is an electronic musician, producer and DJ often associated with Hyperdub Records and the Dubstep genre. She went on to release one of the best albums of 2010 in the form of ‘Contact, Love, Want, Have’, receiving astounding reviews. Her remix projects have included Interpol, Caribou, Cubic Zirconia and DJ Mujava. Her new album and second full-length album, ‘Aerotropolis’, is influenced by 80’s funk and freestyle house. The end result is a more polished and refined sound with a slower tempo.

Upcoming Show Dates:

October 31, 2013 Ikonika @ B-Side – Manila, PH
November 1, 2013 Ikonika @ XXX Gallery – Hong Kong, CN
November 2, 2013 Ikonika @ Wood & Wires Festival – Shanghai, China

 Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Mac DeMarco Woes us with New Track and his Soft Side

Mac DeMarco slows it down at the Captured Tracks CT5 Festival with his short but sweet set including the debut of his track “Let My Baby Go”

DeMarco is an incredible performer. His live debut of “Let My Baby Go” is the perfect example of his insane energy. Although being somewhat of a maniac, it is not uncommon for him to unexpectedly sucker-punch us with a little tender loving track.

Connect with Mac DeMarco: Facebook | Website | Bandcamp

Mac DeMarco 2013 World Tour with Stops in Asia


Scorched is thrilled to announce the Asian tour debut of Canadian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and multimedia artist Mac Demarco. With stops at leading venues across East Asia, including an appearance at the Clockenflap Festival, DeMarco and his band will be bringing their rad lo-fi dream pop to an excited and ever-growing audience.

You won’t want to miss the captivating allure and playful charm of this unique guitarist and songwriter as the rising star kicks off this epic Asian tour. You can view the dates for each artist on Scorched’s CALENDAR page. See you there!

 “It manages to sound refreshing, perhaps because the ground covered here is so far off rock’s current beaten track.” – The Guardian

 “So long as he keeps singing these sweet words, you’ll want to hold him close.”—NME

Pure X join Scorched!

PX1txsht copy


We’re very proud and a bit tripped out to announce that Austin psych rock cowpokes Pure X have joined the Scorched roster! The Texas quartet have been creating spaced out lo-fi rock for over 4 years now, creating clouds of fuzzed out pop shown in it’s purest on their 2011 debut Pleasure.

Pure X’s 2013 second full-length, Crawling Up the Stairs, sees an intensification of Pure X’s unrelenting honesty and crushing emotional weight, with rock sensibility that is hard to match. They will be bringing this raw power to Asia in May of 2014.

And So I Watch You From Afar Join Scorched



We are pleased to announce that Northern Irish Post-Rock giants And So I watch you from Afar (otherwise known as ASIWYFA) are now a pivotal part of the Scorched Roster. Having released a new album in 2013 on experimental rock/metal/hardcore label Sargent House, the Belfast quartet are taking the world by storm with their uproariously triumphant brand of rock.

The band are no strangers to Asia. In 2012, the band performed a well-received tour of China as part of a UK Now project showcasing rising musicians of the British Isles. Tales of this tour can be seen in the documentary “From Wrexham to Wuhan”. The band are more than excited to bring their powerhouse live show to the rest of Asia very soon.

Wye Oak and Dodos on tour for May!

People know the month of May as the time of rebirth. The flowers bloom, the sky clears, and you get to wear shorts again. But for SE Asia, May of 2013 is known as the month of folk-rock amazement, as Baltimore indie shoegazers Wye Oak and Bay Area balladeers the Dodos bring their tender raucousness to our region! Both bands are very excited about playing Asia, and we know that this will not be the only time they come to this neck of the woods. You can view the dates for each artist on Scorched’s CALENDAR page.

In related news, the Dodos have recently signed with legendary lo-fi label Polyvinyl Recordings with plans to release a new album this year! Let’s hope they bring some new tunes to Asia. View the trailer for this announcement below: