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Scorched Talents in 2014 Media’s Best Lists

2015 is coming soon and 2014 is approaching to its remarkable ending. Talents of Sorched were also on their glorious path to shutting down the cycle of relentless calculation of this year, and chatting with friends on the enigmatic achievement of their own. Unfortunately, some of their outstanding works stroke a chord with countless men and women… Read more »

patten joins Scorched

We’re excited to welcome Warp Records’ own patten to Scorched. He’ll be bringing his full A/V set up to Asia in 2015

New Artist Alert: Palmistry

    We’re hyped to welcome London-based producer & vocalist Palmistry (aka Benjy Keating) to the Scorched family. His dancehall sounds have been well-received by the likes of tastemaker labels Mixpak and Presto; with fresh releases and a string of club ready mixes under his belt, Palmistry has steadily risen to become top-of-mind for serious… Read more »

Scorched Welcomes Le Couleur

Scorched is pleased to welcome Le Couleur to the Scorched family. Le Couleur is elegant vintage disco pop with a touch of kitsch. For the main part their songs are in French and they bring to mind the kaleidoscopic soundscapes of Sébastien Tellier and the energy of Yelle. In 2010 they released their debut album,… Read more »

Scorched welcomes Eluvium

We are more than excited to announce that the American ambient recording artist, Eluvium, has joined the Scorched family. The music of Matthew Cooper (Eluvium) is known for its cinematic qualities. With depths ranging from fragile to glacial in sound and scope, he is regarded for his instrumental and stylistic diversity, which often includes piano,… Read more »

Scorched welcomes Lone!

      Under the alias Lone, Matt Cutler sets himself apart as a true artist. Lone’s fifth album, Reality Testing, is the perfect example of a successful fusion between rhythmic house beats and creative melodies. Inspired by several genres and past musical experience, Lone created an album that is as beautiful as it is unique. Get… Read more »

Scorched welcomes Swans

Swans by Matias Corral copy

We are thrilled to announce that Swans is now a member of the Scorched agency. Swans is a decorated experimental rock band that hails from NYC and has been active since 1982. After a brief hiatus, the band returned in 2010 and to continue to make the loud and off-the-cuff music that made them successful. The band’s newest album, To Be Kind, was just released this past May to critical acclaim. Let the loudness commence…


“THIS IS NOT A REUNION. It’s not some dumb-ass nostalgia act. It is not repeating the past.”— Michael Gira


Scorched welcomes Untold!

We are thrilled to welcome Untold to the Scorched family. He will be bringing his live show to Asia later this year, get to know! “The fact is, Jack Dunning has been responsible for jaw-dropping musical moment after jaw-dropping musical moment in barely over five years” Fact Magazine

Scorched welcomes Iceage

Check out this flawless review of the band from The Guardian: Hometown: Copenhagen. The lineup: Elias Rønnenfelt, Jakob Tvilling Pless, Johan Surrballe Wieth and Dan Kjaer Nielsen. The background: Iceage’s New Brigade album has been described as the “feelterrible” hit of the summer. That’s a good one. We didn’t hear it being played over the weekend in north London, but… Read more »

Scorched welcomes Lapalux

We are delighted to welcome Lapalux to the Scorched network. Check out his most debut album, ‘Nostalchic’, here. The album is his most focused document to date, adding his classic R&B and soul characteristics into elements of house and hip hop, all with the trademark Lapalux finish; infectious, lopsided swing and achingly deep texture (