Endgame is a London based producer and DJ, and a founding member of iconoclastic collective Bala Club.

Tearing into the London club scene in 2015 with his seminal debut release ‘Endgame’ on Portuguese label Golden Mist, he brought the cold hearted sound of the his city to a hyper modern new focus. Pioneering a slowed an fractured sound, combining corrosive melodies with artillery like percussion. With distorted fragments of grime, dancehall, tarraxo, metal and drill present in his sound, he has fractured and contorted these genres into a sound that is unmistakabley his own.

His previous releases include ‘Savage’ (2016) on New York’s PTP and ‘Flesh’ (2016), on legendary London Label Hyperdub. His most recent work is Consumed (2017, Bala Club) which sees Endgame return to his collective, to deliver a radical and uncompromising vision of a dystopian London. Featuring guest vocals from the likes of Organ Tapes, Yayoyanoh, Uli-k, Blaze Kidd and Rulez. Taking his dark ominous melodies and club shattering drums to a more vulnerable and reflective space.

Having worked with numerous visual artists including Daniel Swan, Hannah Diamond, Werkflow and Kyselina he has developed a distinct and strikingly aesthetic visual language. Taking cues from his interest in counter cultures and underground movements, he has created album art, videos, and merchandise, that help to illustrate his unorthodox perspective.