Like most Flex Dance Music (FDM) artists, Hitmakerchinx is both dancer and producer. He has played a vital role in developing the dance style as well as the music that Brooklyn’s high energy FDM parties have become notorious for in recent years.

Flex Dance was born from a form of dancing innovated by and named after legendary Jamaican dancer Bruk Up, who relocated to Brooklyn from Kingston in 1995. Evolving in the Carribean neighbourhoods of Brooklyn, the Bruk Up style found a home on local TV Show Flex in Brooklyn, where the danceform was further popularised and developed into its recent form; Flex Dance alternates elastic contortions and ballet-like fluidity with disjointed, “broken” movements, and wacky facial animations.

The music to accompany it, originally known as “Flex Tunes” and now called FDM, is rooted in dancehall, but has been growing into a genre of its own with club-ready beats and obscure samples, providing the sonic background for FMD’s legendary dance battles.

As one of FDM’s standout artists, Hitmakerchinx has been at the core of the scene for many years and helped to substantially form its dance and musical styles. He frequently performs with the likes of Rihanna, Asap Ferg, and Cardi B, and has been picked up by UK labels Fade To Mind and Night Slugs in 2017 for a 18-track retrospective of original work called Shades & Monsters: FDM Classics. The album was recognized as one of the Best Albums of 2017 by UK’s Crack Magazine.