Rapid-fire reggaeton; armor-piercing; Bass levels set to “fearsome”.

Kamixlo is “London’s best DJ right now, no question” (Dazed Digital), a leading member of London’s influential ‘Bala Club’, the collective throwing some of the city’s most sought-after parties.

The Brixton-based producer with Chilean roots is known for his brutal DJ sets, combining a gleeful disregard for genre with noise-punk blasts and punishing bass. They’ve rightfully earned him a cult following, one that has caught the attention of tastemakers PAN and Visionist’s newly launched imprint Codes, on which he launched his debut EP ‘Demonico’. ‘Demonico’ contains Paleta, the “tune of the year” (MixMag, 2016).

Paleta explodes every rule in club music – shattering them into a million pieces, dropkicking them to submission and blasting them collectively till they reassemble as an unstoppable nugget of an anarchic dance jam.