Taiwanese producer / vocalist Scintii (aka Stella Chung), bears a diverse background in both studio composition and pop music which she studied whilst residing in London for several years.

Since her move to Shanghai in 2017, Scintii has become a core member of the thriving club scene in the city. She has played for i-D, Diskotopia on RBMA Radio Tokyo, NTS & Radar Radio. She recently played a number of London shows, including events at Southbank Centre, and headlining at Corsica Studios.

Mica, her first release, is inspired by the form and body of minerals, pensively underpinning dark, elusive, cut-up pop vocals with crystalline synths and rhythms from UK grime to the dembow for an enrapturing and refreshing sound. Her second EP Aerial / Paperbags came out in November 2018 via Shanghai powerhouse label SVBKVLT.