Soda Plains grew up in the sleepless metropolis of Hong Kong, but now flits between his two adopted homes of London and Berlin, while his music roams seemingly untethered to country or categorisation.

Following acclaimed releases in 2014 (‘Rushes’ via Black Ocean) and 2015 (‘Kickbacks’ via Liminal Sounds), Soda Plains self-released “She Has All Kinds of Temperatures / Rodeo” in September of 2016, all three received well-deserved plaudits from an impressively wide range of media outlets.

This year he released ‘In Tongues’, an incredibly dynamic project featuring music taken from a stage collaboration with performer Negroma, which also garnered critical acclaim. Soda Plains has captivated crowds at Berlin’s CTM festival and London’s renowned FWD night, alongside regular appearances on London’s Rinse FM, NTS and Radar stations.